And then Eddy came into your world, and it was good.

Hey all-

Eduardo here, but you can call me Eddy. I was somehow convinced of starting a blog. Call this a social experiment in boredom. Or a blog, whatever. Anyways, I'm just your average Joe, lazier than most, lazier than all, probably. Don't be surprised if I disappear all of a sudden for a few weeks at a time. I'm lurky like that.

'Sup Lola?

Anyways, I'm an avid (though simple-minded) Smash player, and just a general fan of video games, leaning more towards Nintendo and Sega, and a few computer games. I grew up on Sonic the Hedgehog, so that to me is god. I'm somewhat of an artist, just dabbling in my own little characters and stories, of which I may start posting sketches of from time to time whenever I can't think of anything to post. I'll slowly introduce you guys to my characters, I always like talking about them to anybody who's interested.

Last Saturday I went to the most awesomenest concert I've ever been to- a go de Oz concert. They rock SO hard it's unfair to other bands whose concerts I might attend in the future. It was aural consensual rape, and my right ear took the brunt of it, happily. I'm not just one type of music lover, so you'd be hard-pressed to label me as whatever- if I hear a song and like it, then I'll get it- I don't normally even feel inspired to search out more by the artist (unless by recommendation), so I have a mish-mash of music lying around here- from blink-182, to Dvořák, to Queen, to Ian Van Dahl, to Bach, to Muse, to Ricardo Arjona, to Young Jeezy, to Robbie Williams, to Ben E. King, to Angels & Airwaves (blink 3.0?).

Reggaeton can go choke on a peanut and die, though. It just seems like such an unoriginal genre of something (music it ain't)... And I know that to each his own, but to those that do listen to it- what's up with every Reggaeton song using the exact same bassline? It almost seems like they've been rehashing the same song for years and years, changing the lyrics slightly, and making millions of it. Absurd. Even worse, the whole culture around it seems pretty much a poor-man's version of the hip-hop culture and thug life (most of whom are posers), so in essence, the caco culture are posers of posers. It's like a photocopy of a photocopy, just keeps degrading in quality the more you copy it. I mean, even through rampant sampling, Hip-Hop and Rap still have different-sounding music and bassline, something that can't be argued at all for Reggaeton. Just sayin'...

Anyways, going back to my likes, most important of all is my love of aviation. Flying is the most awesome thing you can possibly do, there's nothing quite as awesome. I've been a rabid fan of anything that can slip the surly bonds of Earth since I was VERY young- I remember that one of the triggers was my dad teaching me how to make paper airplanes and then us throwing them all over the house. Good stuff. Though I'm grounded right now for lack of money and bling and moola and all that stuff that pays for instructors and Low-Lead Avgas, I've got 53 hours of flight time and am poised to do my check-ride for the Private License as soon as I strike oil. I'll keep ya posted.

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell. If you wanna get on my good side, just keep a healthy stock of Coke (NOT Pepsi, that thing is so sugary-sweet it should only be marketed to little girls), and Pizza Hut pan pizza nearby (or pretty much any other kind of pizza except Domino's. Go fig.)



mangarang said...

I hope you realize your a lot lamer than you come across on here and that's saying something.

Gravekeeper said...

And I hope you realize you're a lot more mean-spirited than you come across here, and that's saying something.

Love ya too, Jess :3