Listening to Sheep Ballers

Hey All-

Gravekeeper here, listening to Smashing...Live!, an orchestral rendition of the Smash Bros. themes (well, a second rendition, as the themes are already orchestrated versions of their original). It's Saturday morning, 1 am to be precise, and I'm sitting here at home instead of having gone to two parties... I'm never gonna hear the end of it from the people that invited me, but I just wasn't feeling in a very party-ish mood.

It's been a rainy, sleepy day, and I really didn't feel very social at all, so I kicked back and watched some anime with a friend. Among these was one called Death Note, about a dude that acquires a Death god's little black book... Now he has the power to decide who dies and how. Very cool stuff. Personally, there's quite a few people I wouldn't mind offing at all. Don't know if I'd go through with it, but it's nice to know I can. Besides, how cool would it be if like, Bush died of explosive diarrhea at a UN summit? But I digress.

Going back to the topic at hand, I've always been pretty antisocial... At first, I was just always the odd one out, your traditional outcast, loser and all that drama from high school... Now, I just don't like the environment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I disapprove or that there's anything wrong with it- I just feel out of place at pubs and parties and stuff. Don't drink, smoke or even know how to dance well. Probably the only black dude in the world without rhythm. You can imagine how big a hit with the ladies this antisocialness is.

By the way, this Smashing...Live! thing is pretty good, you should give it a listen. Heh, now we got on History Channel something about some dude looking for Noah's Ark on top of a mountain. Good luck, buddy. Reminds me of this inspirational poster, about how all of humanity's scientific accomplishments and discoveries take a back seat to a little book written by some antiquated, sheep-herding (and probably sheep-balling) dudes that thought that all the species of animals in the world lived within walking distance of Noah's house. Wool for thought.

Anyways, I kinda blanked out there, I'll come back a bit later with more to say.

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