The Problem With Blogger/Wordpress

Hey all-

So, I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I started blogging. Seems like a pretty simple thing to keep up. Three posts in, I make my first long post, that looks even longer thanks to the narrowness of this particular theme. 'Hey!', I thought, 'I'll just do that nifty 'Read more' post break- that way I can have just the first paragraphs, and the entire thing on its own page :D'

Oh, how wrong I was. Call me naive, but a post break seems like a very standard-issue thing to have for a blog. I mean, it's like... I dunno, making an art page that doesn't accept jpgs... Or, a kite without a string. It's stupid.

Anyways, there SEEMS to be a way around this, Blogger calls it a Blogger Hack. Yes, that's right, what's standard-issue for any other blogging service is an actual, forceful intervention in the code for Blogger. Seriously, what the hell? They actually have a help page about invading the template code with some new strings to, in the end, just change ALL the other posts to a 'Read More' post... Yeah, that's right, you don't hack the post, you hack the entire template! Even a one-line post will say 'Read More :D" on it forever. Also makes me think that, if they took the time to come up with a hack, they could have simply coded this into the wysiwyg editor, like Wordpress has.

So you might be saying, 'lol but at least u found a hak to do it in the meentim ;)!1!!"

Ha! Ha!


The hack requires my template to have some very specific code that just doesn't seem to exist within it. Either that, or the hack is for Blogger, not Blogger Beta (Is Google taking over everything?), a soon-to-be-mandatory conversion that I joined preemptively. Hindsight is badly coded, apparently. During all of this, I'm talking to Andrew (or Ipsum, as he is known in the text placeholder underground), and he tells me about the Joys of Sex Wordpress. He talks well of Wordpress, and since he's used both, I figure the least I could do is give it a go. It started off gloriously, seeing as SOMEHOW, 'Gravekeeper' wasn't taken... This already put it ahead of Blogger by a few light-millennia. Andrew sweetens the deal: I can just import everything from Blogger as-is. This is good shit.

Ha! Ha!


Apparently, Blogger Beta is so buggy, unstable and just so ew, that the Wordpress guys just don't dare code the importer to bring in stuff from there- you can only import Blogger Classic. This is... Vexing. I try searching the forums (in both places), usually getting a 'ur fuked', 'i just copy pasta evrything frm bloger to wp', or a DIFFERENT hack that STILL requires me to have code in my template that is simply not there no matter how many times they claim it to be. In the end, I got tired of it and just posted the entire thing. I hate it, but fuck it, nothing else has worked. If you can find a fix, I'd LOVE to hear it. Seriously, you'll win all the internets in the world. I'll get you women, men, and anything in between.

Help me, and I'll post a pic of me a friend and I call 'Happy Nigga'.

PS: I find it so hilarious that the Blogger Spellchecker does not recognize 'preemptively' as a word (it's an adverb, smartasses), but knows the right way to spell 'Nigger'. Make of that, what you will.

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