Because you've been itching to see our Wiis

Yes, I know I've neglected you, my children- however, the bottle, a dead end job, or your mother is not the reason. No, daddy doesn't have a mistress, either (the position's open, ladies). No. Daddy has been playing with his Wii. If you kids behave, daddy will let you play with his Wii too.

This is the Wii that almost didn't come (Yes, visibility today is around one mile, you've been warned). I had reserved the Zelda game you see here resting against my Wii back in 2005, when it was announced for the GameCube, and before it was delayed ass amounts of times like a Final Fantasy game. When they started reserving the Wii, GameStop offered to change up GC Zelda for Wii Zelda, so I did. Now, I was expecting to have a certain amount of capital alloted already by the time the Wii came, so imagine my surprise when I realized that money is to be used for tuition and other services colleges provide.

Long story short, I totally spent a lot of the Wii money on lesser stuff like education. I know, what was I thinking? Anyways, as I prepared to do something a bit drastic by trading in my PS2 to finish paying for it, a guardian angel emerged from a house behind Rio Hondo to aid me financially. Yamil ended up helping me pay for it after Andrew very selfishly declined to trade in all his games to get me some store credit. For shame, Andrew, for shame. Anyways, it seems that, out of all of my friends, I was the only one that had actually reserved it (because hindsight is a sultry bitch), so after receiving the gift of the God (that God being Miyamoto) Sunday morning at midnight, I went and accompanied Yamil, Pikkon, and Joel as they made the line in front of Wal Mart to see if they could get it eleven hours later when the store opened.

We were ready for the long haul, having come more prepared than when we took a weekend trip to Vieques during the summer. Fortunately, the store manager came in at 2 am, took a list of all the loyal fans, and said, 'Go home and rest young ones, you'll need it, for in a few hours, you will have your Wiis in your hands, and you will play with it vigorously.'

Their Wiis secured, I followed the gang as we made our way to Joel's to wait out the 11am-opening of the store by playing with my Wii.

Here I am, taking out my Wii.

I'll use this to play with my Wii.

Left-to-right: Me, Gary, Yamil (holding Suki), Pikkon, and Javier... grabbing his junk. I dunno why. And no, I didn't photoshop that, there IS a heavenly light streaming from above, basking me. Apotheosis. Blessed are those that have the Wii, for they shall inherit the earth. Needless to say, a helluva lot of fun was had with Wii Sports, and after everybody else went to sleep, I stayed up and played Zelda, an excellent way to follow up the awesomeness that is Wind Waker, but more on that later. Morning came, and I decided to rest a bit while the guys went ahead and got their Wiis.

Even among Wiis mine is unique.

These are the Fates. They weave our destiny. The quilt they've woven indicates that Zelda'll make me a college drop-out.

Anyways, I'll try to return to the internets this week to pick up on on my blogging.

If, Zelda'll let me.

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Iguana Lola said...

Finally, dude. You're pussy-whipped by your Wii, how considerate of her to let you let us know you still live.