Thinking Inside the Bowl

I just came back from a DS LAN party we had at a friend's house. As expected, there was much fun to be had, and personal scores to settle- I finally completely destroyed Raquel's score on Whack-a-Monty, a mini-game in the New Super Mario Bros. game, thus ending a long struggle of dominance between the two of us... In the end, I finally was able to get to 96 moles, leaving her score of 95 a distant memory of times gone by.

Top that, Raquel!

Andrew and Meli also had a grudge match in the Bob-omb sorting mini-game, the results of which I presently do not know. All I know is they're this close to drawing blood.

However, the real highlight of the night was Joel's performance. Joel, the Apox in the Apoxware link, had brought home pizzas and a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi (ugh...). Through reasons unexplained, said bottle fell from the desk it was resting on, detonating on impact. Closest to ground zero was Andrew, being his usual text placeholder self, so he was instantly sprayed as the soda Claymore mine's concussive blast caused him to lactate in sheer terror. Joel, next-closest to ground zero, went ahead and picked up the still-erupting bottle, parading it around the room like some Catholics do with a weird smoky bong thing that they swing during New Year's. He ran out of the room and into the bathroom...

The trail begins here.

Andrew took the brunt of the first shockwave, and the aftershocks as the bottle kept spraying indiscriminately.

Into the bathroom...

And right into the toilet. Yes, the toilet. Not the bathtub, not the sink. He dunked it into the toilet.

What compels a man to this kind of reasoning? What drives him? What is his mission, his purpose; what is the goal of his journey?

And no, man, we're NOT drinking out of that after you alley-ooped it into the crapper.



Iguana Lola said...

Yes! At last I beat you at something DS-ian. I wacked 98 freaking moles in my time.

Oh, my... that felt good.

Gravekeeper said...

Marry me. Also, I will destroy you. (By the way, the record online is over 130)

Jessbait said...


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