Twice more, with feeling

Let's give this another shot, shall we?

I've been meaning to change things up a bit, and move the focus a bit from me ranting aimlessly to me taking pictures aimlessly and ranting about that. I won't erase the previous posts, but I'll be pretty much considering this the zero post from now on. That doesn't mean that I've forgotten about all those PuDS out there... You're all still on probation. Anyways, I haven't had a camera of my own in years, so now that I've got a little point-and-shoot Nikon, I need to make up for all those years I've spent not taking pics of every little insignificant thing I find. Keep in mind, this is for fun, so don't expect expert composition, masterful lighting, or any other poser photography dicksuckery.

I wanna begin with a note of nostalgia. When I was a young boy (after my father took me into the city), me and my neighbor used to play with his LEGOs day in and day out. His dad would always get him big, piece-laded sets and we would lay all the blocks out in our front yards and build anything that came to mind. Thanks to my (still) overactive imagination, epic starfighters and motherships and grand space operas soon began taking shape. LEGOs weren't the only construction equipment to our imaginations- does anyone remember K'nex? Or Zaks? Look them up if you're ready for a nice hit of nostalgia, or alternatively to see what you missed, you childhoodless heathen.

Anyways, as is always the case, as the years passed, the LEGOs were put away but never forgotten when video games came into our lives. Well, back in February, I decided to do a little Spring cleaning and lo and behold, look what I found:

My Lego/Zaks stash!

Upon seeing them, I very quickly started remembering how to put them back together and their individual stories... I felt myself turn 8 again.

This little mech has a beam sword and a shield, and vernier thrusters out back. Yes, even then I needed my fantasies to have practicality to them.

This would be the red mech's rival. Couldn't find his other arm....

F-15E Strike Eagle, because even as a young child, I knew that the Hornet sucks, and that the Eagle and the Tomcat are superior.

These two are one-person speeders, because speeders are awesome.

This whole mess is the inside of a large, square Millennium Falcon-type ship, what with powerful weapons and living quarters and stuff. Yes, I was a budding nerd even at that tender age. Those red and black dudes are grunts, with the little LEGO figures as the protagonists.

Yes, they are all very dusty, it's been years since they've seen the light of day. I'm in a dangerous position right now: my imagination and desire to play with LEGOs has only increased since I was a kid, and now I actually have the money to keep buying sets... You guys better learn to be careful of the past you dig up- it might end up costing you...

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