25 or 6 to 4

Hanging out with Pikkon will invariably leave you with a story to tell every time you do. More often than not, these stories will run the gamut from terrifying to embarrassing to horrifying.

Here I am at my house, it's eight or nine p.m., and Pikkon calls me up. "I WANT PANCAKES" he bellows. I got nothing better to do, so I accompany him to Denny's, where he finds out that pancakes aren't a main dish, but a side dish. After making the poor waitress wait a good while (he was on the phone most of the night), he finally orders a club sandwich.

So much for pancakes.

After an enlightening talk about the Military and its ranking system, and after making the waitress wait twice more (Pikkon ordered dessert, and then after the bill came, he ordered more food), we finally get up to pay. I lay down my ATM for my side of things, and Pikkon asks the cashier if he can bring his excess coins to pay with; Pikkon's had a couple of friends pay him IOUs in coins, for reasons unknown, and he wants to unload.

So, he walks out to the parking lot and walks in with a tupperware bowl full of coins. WUT.

Again, WUT.

I can only wonder what the cashier, and the dozens of people walking in and out of the restaurant thought of Pikkon's little stunt. So after 10 minutes of counting, we came to a grand total of $23.30, 3 bucks of which were pennies. WHY PIKKON WHY. As you can see from the pictures, he shows no shame in the fact that we are now probably banned from this particular Denny's. The cashier was a good sport about it, and another customer actually WANTED all of Pikkon's pennies, so she exchanged them for dollars, which just added to the lulz of it all...

Oh, and when we got back to his house...

Pikkon showed me that there was more where that came from.


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